Storm Surge rules World Cup Incheon

The first big marathon for the World Inline Cup, with many of the big stars present, consolidated the Storm Surge’s superiority. When the roads are wet, you either get Storm Surge, or don’t race.


World champion Joey Mantia (USA) won the field sprint in the mens race, in front of Frenchmen Yann Guyader and New Zealander Scott Arlidge. In the girls race Colombian Cecilia Baena won, in front of a Korean Insun and Nicole Begg from New Zealand.

Since it’s birth in 2006 Storm Surge wheels have proven to be the one and only solution for wet racing. MPC’s MTECH technology, with it’s turbine hub and two urethane layers (soft heart, hard body), is very convenient for slippery conditions. Ever since the Rollerblade World team proved the wheels bring rainy races to a different level, al major races were won on it.

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